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Ayurveda – An Answer To Prostate Gland Problems

Modern World and fast-paced lifestyle Can be seen everywhere. Every man is running behind money to get more luxurious and relaxing lifestyle. This induces more stress to be in competition, tension is outcome of that. With a desire of being on the TOP of the competition, man is neglecting his own health. Well, it is been said that “Health is Wealth” but nowadays pointer is shifting towards money. In this competition, while neglecting health and low level of nutrition increases some common problems such as male infertility, less sperm count, prostate enlargement, erectile dysfunction and also low sexual urge and the list goes on. While earning bread and butter for life man forgets health and once the matter becomes worse it reminds of health.


Prostate Gland enlargement – Thislittle gland is very important for producing seminal fluid also called as semen and also for optimal health. It is located right under the urinary bladder and surrounds urethra. Enlargement of Prostate gland can produce.

  • Less seminal fluid,
  • Reduces sexual urges
  • Also may lead to impotence
  • Problems in urination
  • Never feel bladder to be empty

As they say “Every Problem Has A Solution” and the solution is “AYURVEDA”.According to Herbal science or Ayurveda, this can be cured by changing to healthy eating habits, healthy lifestyle and with the help of medicinal herbs. Certain herbs can cure this problem completely such as:

  • Guggulu and Shilajit – these two herbs have anti-inflammatory properties which could reduce swelling of prostate gland Punarava, ChandraprabhaVati, Gokshura (TribulusTerrestris) – Best herb for prostate
  • Ashwagandha – is a magical herb to cure prostate cancer
  • YOGA – can also play very important role in this. Some of the Yogas with very specific mudra can be very helpful in this state of body.

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