Increase Libido Naturally With Diet

Lack of libido is very common in today’s fast world. This is commonly seen in men and women as well. “Lack of libido” means very little desire to have physical relation with our partner.

Lower libido can strike any age spectrum and this happens due to many reasons such as relationship, stress, and depression, workload, prescribed medications or sexual dysfunction, being overweight or also the excess of exercise. Also, it could be drinking or also smoking. If you are experiencing this problem, you are not the only one to face this trouble but there are many.  This is a common problem amongst men and women.

There are certain questions which may arise why this is happening to me? Well, the first thing to tell this person is that you are the only person.  There are many reasons and some of them could be common between men and women, but there can be gender specific as well.

  • Common reasons for lower libido are:
  • Sexual desire always reduces with the older age such as the 60s or 70s.
  • Depression or too much stress
  • Alcoholism
  • High blood sugar levels (diabetes)
  • Larger body mass index. etc.

So, as stated there are many reasons gender specific as well they are as follows:


    • Due to an endocrine disorder, there is a decrease in male sex hormone
    • Lower testosterone.
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Premature or delayed ejaculation
    • More than the normal sex drive

Female specific:

    • Relationship issues
    • Testosterone level decreases with age (it is at the peak in the mid 20s and then decreases with age)
    • Birth control pills

When it comes to increasing the libido there are many natural ways to do so. However our libido is generally based on 2 biological chemicals such as Dopamine and Prolactin, these two chemicals are inversely proportional to each other. That is Dopamine increases the desire and Prolactin decreases the desire. By adding some natural diet libido can be increased.

Foods that increase Libido:

Collagen-rich food – With an increase in age skin will loosen up as collagen level reduces. But by taking collagen-rich food vaginal wall can be tightened and also this may maintain an erection. Thus increasing collagen in the diet will increase libido.

Watermelon – it is a very great fruit to increase libido.

Bananas – This fruit may help females to increase libido.

Dark chocolate – It has been scientifically proved that it releases tryptophan content which leads to some aphrodisiac and mood-lifting effects.

Basil nuts – It helps in maintaining healthy testosterone levels.

High-quality protein – eggs, protein-rich food, fish, and poultry increases tryptophan and in return enhances the mood.

Maca root – is wonder root, one of the best aphrodisiac plants to increase libido.

Fenugreek – this herb increases libido especially in males.

Water – above all stay hydrated this will help for overall body function that is enhance libido, vaginal dryness, fatigue, headaches, etc.

The best part will be what food needs to be avoided in order to enhance libido.

Processed food – this type of food increases weight thus makes an individual obese and obesity is increases the BMI thus reduce the libido. Thus needs to be avoided.

Factory farmed meat – In factory animals are treated with hormones which in return goes in our body and it could be very dangerous to our health thus need to avoid this food.

High – Sodium foods – high sodium food contribute to high blood pressure and in return decreases the flow of blood to sex organs.

Conventional Dairy – Dairy products from cow’s milk can have synthetic hormones known as PAEs (phthalic acid esters) that have a negative impact on estrogen and testosterone levels.

Sugar – Consumption of more sugar adversely affect sex hormones. Thus need to avoid this.

Caffeine – Overindulging in the caffeine is a very dangerous thing not only for sex hormones but for the overall body.

Alcohol – Overdoing of anything is very injurious to health, and when it comes to Alcohol it is bad for the whole body. Thus avoid taking more of Alcohol.

Microwaveable popcorn – the chemicals found on the lining of the popcorn bags are known for significantly reducing sperm counts.

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